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UNIGLIDE Friction Reducing Concentrate is an effective and proven lubricant-enhancing metal treatment. It is suitable for high performance applications, delivering performance WELL BEYOND “adequate”! UNIGLIDE Friction Reducing Concentrate technology is an affordable and easy preventative maintenance measure that is tested and proven to deliver the savings and performance claims behind which we stand.


  • Reduce friction, wear, drag and operating temperatures
  • Reduces oil consumption, oxidation and corrosion
  • Provides for maximum compression and power
  • Increases engine and equipment life
  • Provides cold start protection


UNIGLIDE FRC was developed in Africa to protect industrial machinery from the harsh African environment and conditions. UNIGLIDE FRC is a clear 1 OW30 semi-synthetic oil concentrate that treats metal surfaces. It reduces the coefficient of friction between rolling and sliding friction partners, resulting in enhanced performance and optimum useable life of the treated equipment.

UNIGLIDE FRC does not contain solid particles that can clog filters, build up on metal surfaces which may, in turn, reduce tolera111ces, generate heat, and accelerate wear.

UNIGLIDE FRC adheres to metal in such a way that it cannot be removed unless machined off. This provides ongoing protection and peace of mind for your fleet, equipment, or beloved vehicle.

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Can I add UNIGLIDE FRC to my oil without changing it? YES

Is UNIGLIDE FRC compatible with synthetic oil? YES

Can I Use UNIGLIDE FRC In Compressors And Hydraulics? YES

Can I Use UNIGLIDE FRC In Two-stroke Engines, Outboard Motors And Other Marine Applications? YES