Gun Gard

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Very efficient lubricant for all metal surfaces, slides, trigger groups and bores. Uniglide Gun Gard creates a bond with metal surfaces, ferrous or non-ferrous, leaving a microscopic film that helps protect against corrosion. It enables stiff or notchy actions to operate smoothly, particularly stainless-steel actions. Reduced stoppages due to more efficient lubrication on feed-ramps and in the breech. Its VERY effective in belt-fed weapons, reducing stoppages during sustained firing. Reduced carbon build-up and fouling makes any carbon deposits easier to remove. Uniglide Gun Gard is a “must have” for the discerning shooter and firearm owner! Powered by CO2 for safer use in confined spaces.


  • Smoother and more reliable action
  • Reduced stoppages
  • Potential enhanced ballistics
  • Rust prevention
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Reduced carbon build-up and fouling in the bore
  • Excellent for drilling, tapping and machining by gunsmiths.



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