“Uniglide FRC continued to protect the engine parts & components, an astounding
results, all wear metals analysis show significantly reduced levels”

Greyhound Coaches, Australia

“Due to the stop start nature of our traffic …… instructed all workshops to treat all
vehicles, engines and transmissions with Uniglide …. drivers can reap the benefits ….
maximize earnings and improve fuel economy…”

Yellow Cabs Co. Australia

“The product has been tested in many ways through our business. At first
exceeding expectation each time and now we would be VERY surprised if
it did not do what seemed to be impossible.”


“Since using Uniglide … we can comfortably offer a 12 months Warranty on our
reconditioned Gearboxes, unlimited kms. This puts us ahead of the majority of
Gearboxes Reconditioners usually only offer 3-6 months.”

Reliable Automatics & Automotive, Australia

“Feedback from the operators was immediate on long distance highway travel with
temperatures dropping between 15-20 degrees in transfer cases, reducing wear
and extending the life of the components. Reducing the temperatures in wheel
planetary hubs also reduced the heat in the tyres …. thus reducing tyre wear and

A. M. Cranes, Australia

“… Incredible fuel savings between 9% and 10%”

Jack Daniels Racing, Australia

“Results measured after 10,000km analysis indicate a reasonable reduction in fuel
consumption of approximately 7%”

TNT Express, South Africa

“We have been using Uniglide products regularly for ± 17 years now and have yet
to find fault in any of the products in your range. I also want to note that we are using
the Uniglide Multispray in our workshops and are convinced that that is the star
performer in your range of products!”

Generator City, South Africa

“Before Uniglide FRC, we used to encounter a breakdown every 10 days. After
Uniglide, we have not encountered any of the usual breakdowns like before in all of
our equipment and machinery”

Mara Dairy Farm, South Africa

“… tested a Toyota Hino from the Post Office Parcel Delivery Fleet … Uniglide has
yielded a 9% savings in fuel ”

Transport Maintenance Service, South Africa

“Uniglide has brought our GenSet breakdown to virtually “Zero” and Uniglide’s. Multispray” truly is a STAR performer. We have been using Uniglide only for over 20
years now”

Generator City, South Africa

“After treating our engines and transmissions in our Prime Movers (pulling capacity
above 40-tonnes) with Uniglide, the engines are more responsive, smoother engine,
improvement in diesel consumption and reduction in engine temperature …”

PSA Transport, Malaysia

“I tried Uniglide FRC for the first time on 10 Aug 2021 and I am very satisfied with the
outcome. The difference is noticeable immediately and incredible. The car engine is
much smoother and silent and there is much more power when accelerating. I will
definitely re-order for my other vehicles.”

Fernandez L, Owner of Honda City IDSI, Malaysia

“When pushed extremely hard, the engine’s noticeably smoother, more responsive,
and even runs cooler. Amazing!”

T. Arasu, Owner of Audi RS6, Malaysia

“Personally, as a skeptic, and having tested more than 10 different
treatments/additives since the days of Slick50, only this Uniglide have made me
wanna buy another bottle for my other car. I’m sold…and addicted to it”

Albert Low, Car Enthusiast, Malaysia